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Sullivan's Way

Love Finds Its Way

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Flash Round Favorites
Author: Elizabeth Lowell
Color: Pink
Sound: Laughter
Season: Fall
Animal: Dog
Smell: Rain
Food: Cheesecake
Place to Visit: Virginia
Place to Live: West
Movie: Imitation of Life
Alien: Alf
Number: 513
Texture: Bubble Wrap
Planet: Melmac
Favorite Memory: Singing with my dad.

Favorite Place To Write
My office.

Greatest Inspiration
Inspiration is everywhere! I love history and genealogy and create characters based people I know, have met or find interesting.

Best Elevator Pitch For Latest Book. 300 words or less
Love Finds Its Way- book two in the Way of Hearts Saga. (Release date: December 19th) In 1853, Lucas arrived at the Sullivan mansion with a vicious burn on his side that left a mark. It is a clue to his past and the accident that took the lives of his family. The Sullivan’s gave him a home and raised him as their son. Even though he was made heir to the Sullivan fortune, Lucas is tortured by the secrets from his past. He struggles with the questions about his family and his identity. For seventeen years, Lucas has called the Sullivan girls his sisters, but his feelings for Callie, the youngest, have changed from brotherly to those of a man for a woman. And as the passion between them ignites, Lucas is forced to make a choice between claiming Callie and finding out who he is. On a cold January night, Lucas leaves to follow a clue to Texas, but not before he has Callie’s promise, “I will wait for you.” She has waited eighteen months for Lucas to return, but the arrival of an urgent telegram from Lucas asking Callie for help changes everything. The telegram tells of a murder charge and a possible sentence of death. Callie plans a secret trip to Texas, but her plans are foiled when a pesky accountant for the Sullivan Mining Company, Walter Delaney intervenes. Callie finds Mr. Delaney annoying and a bit naive, but considers him harmless. So why does Mr. Delaney insist on accompanying her to Texas? The reason stuns Callie and leaves her questioning her promise to Lucas. When Callie arrives in Santa Camino on the arm of Walter Delaney, Lucas realizes his past isn't worth his future with Callie. Is it too late for Lucas and Callie or will their love find its way?