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Who are you and where did you come from?
This is all George Lucas's fault. He made this movie called Star Wars, and after seeing it at the age of 2 (or was it 3?), I thought I was Luke Skywalker. Since then, I've developed this compulsive habit of writing my own stories. I started writing sketches and plays for churches, moved into science fiction and film, and expanded later into kids ministry curriculum, kids stories, and the history of pro wrestling. These days, I bounce mostly between kidmin and wrestling, with the occasional dip into the world of fiction.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
Out of the cubicle, enjoying life as a full-time writer, experiencing every moment of my kids growing into adults!

What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?
I got engaged to the wrong person. Big mistake, but I ended it before I made a worse one. I've written about her many times. It's never been flattering, but I doubt I'm the only person here who's done this!

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Depends on what flavor it is. I can let most of them go, but a Heath Bar Klondike? That's another matter!

Flash Round Favorites
Author: Douglas Adams and Ian Fleming
Color: Blue
Sound: My kids' laughter
Season: Fall
Animal: Hippopotamus
Smell: Pizza
Food: Lobster... and yes, pizza
Place to Visit: A local wrestling show near me
Place to Live: Right where I am
Movie: Star Wars
Alien: Anyone who lives in the vicinity of Betelgeuse
Number: 42
Texture: Flannel
Planet: Arrax (See "Cave World" by John Cosper!)
Favorite Memory: Vacations with my family.

Favorite Place To Write
The man cave

Greatest Inspiration
In recent years, it's been my kids.

Best Elevator Pitch For Latest Book. 300 words or less
Imagine your favorite fairy tale told in the style of Cape Fear. That's what lies within the electronic pages of The Big Bad Goodnight. This trilogy of noir fairy tales takes you deep into the dark, seedy corners of a realm where no one is who they seem to be and few, if any, live happily ever after!