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Facebook: robertosbornauthor/writer
Twitter: @osbornrobertsr

Who are you and where did you come from?
Previously, up to 2008, I lived in Louisiana. In 2008, I moved to Columbia, Ky. I met my current best friend and we were married in 2014. I followed her for her work as a medical consultant to West Virginia. She decided she wanted to come back to be near her sister in Louisville. Now we live outside Laconia, In. I am a semi-retired marine consultant for a major underwriting company out of Houston Texas and have worked in about 28 different countries in my oilfield related field. With the current downturn in the oil industry, I am not working, hence I have plenty of home time to write.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
Alive and well here in Southern Indiana with my wife and our four legged kids. Writing books and getting to know other writers.

What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?
Probably getting married at 17. Not so much to whom and when but mainly just missing out on a good education. I started working when I was fourteen and even though I graduated high school, I was already working full time.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Hmmmnn. Well, a lot of things, none of which I can legally say on here.

Flash Round Favorites
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Color: Black
Sound: Frogs
Season: Spring
Animal: Cat
Smell: Fresh cut grass
Food: Hamburger
Place to Visit: Grand Canyon
Place to Live: Home
Movie: Avatar
Alien: Syllium
Number: 7
Texture: Cotton
Planet: Dragonorr
Favorite Memory: That would have to be my wife's statement, a few years back when we were not yet married. We were sitting around the fire. She said ( as regards our relationship ) that we have been together for a little over a year and a half and she felt like she could trust me. ( my reply ) Dear, we have been together over three years.

Favorite Place To Write
At home at my desk although most of my writing has occurred away from home at my work locations.

Greatest Inspiration
Music is my inspiration. I can listen to certain music / songs in a continuous cycle.

Best Elevator Pitch For Latest Book. 300 words or less
Mathew. Born of Eden II. Genetically modified at birth. Delivered to his parents now living on Earth. His assignment to convince the humans their abuse of Earth's resources will bring about the planets destruction just as it did his home world. Beginning his assignment with the help of his new human friends. Being asked to travel to another planet while his friends carry on the work of saving Earth from its own people. Saving and marrying a Princess on another planet. Chosen by the powers that be to become a God Warrior and the next Shadow Prince. A once every thousand year occurrence. Forced to give up his new life and every thing he holds dear to carry out the mission of the Shadow Prince.