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Who are you and where did you come from?
Hi all - my name is Birgit which gets butchered a lot. The best way to remember? Honey, woud'cha git beer? Now, reverse it and you got it.....Birgit The name was given to me 62 years ago when I entered this world in a tiny rural town. Growing up in the city of Frankfurt, Germany I met my handsome Hero and followed him to Kentucky in 1994. Since 2000 we have made Kentucky our permanent residence.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
Retired from my day job which is "writing" mortgage loans

What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life? regrets. All happens for a reason. Could I go back in time I would like to have the confidence I have today. Letting the little things and mistakes in life go and don't give a flip what people think is quiet liberating. It does not change who I am and what I can do.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Klondikes are good, but.....a chocolate dipped cone from DQ? Yum...I'd walk to the next DQ if I had too. Crazy? Maybe!

Flash Round Favorites
Author: Nora Roberts
Color: Blue
Season: Spring/Fall
Animal: Dog
Smell: Herbal
Food: Tacos
Place to Visit: Ireland
Place to Live: Italy
Favorite Memory:

Favorite Place To Write
On my little desk in my new sun room. Viewing Mother Nature in all her seasons is so relaxing and inspiring at the same time.

Greatest Inspiration

Best Elevator Pitch For Latest Book. 300 words or less
This is my biggest hurdle. How to sell myself in 30 seconds?