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Kentuckiana Authors @ the Palace Theater Return to

Posted: 10-31-2014 at 15:16:14
Okay all you beautiful peoples- I'm really excited about the Palace. The faces lobby is sold out and the bar and mezzanine are doing well. I'm thinking of ways to promote this thing. I, of course, will be handing out flyers to all the local hotels for the guests who are here on business who wants to know what's going on. I'll be handing out cards to the restaurants in the area so they can send their patrons over, and I'll see if they'll be willing to give attending authors a discount. But the big promo I'm thinking of doing are the videos. These videos are comedic and will be posted 3 months in advanced with links to the fair. If you all have other ideas let me know!

Posted: 11-07-2014 at 21:33:35
We'll stick you in the videos dressed in pirate garb. Wooden leg, eye patch and everything!

Posted: 11-07-2014 at 17:46:03
Ok, yeah videos again :) I'm thinking me in pirate garb asking "Arrr you ready to read?" About all I got right now.

CM Michaels
Posted: 11-15-2014 at 16:54:16
Love the video idea!! We could also run a FB ad promoting it and targeting Louisville area people who like certain genres.

Posted: 12-01-2014 at 10:28:31
Oh lord! (face palm) The videos.... LOL!

Posted: 06-22-2015 at 08:11:29
Videos will be filmed Saturday June 27th. The first shift will be from 10 - noon. the second will be from 1 - 2 at the Jeffersonville Library

Posted: 08-01-2015 at 21:18:06
The promo video will be out August 10th. We're going to start our media blast then.

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